About Marcomm Musings

Communications opportunities and options are increasing at an exponential pace. The power is shifting toward consumers when it comes to message content and business reputation. Communications professionals no longer control the media or the messages.  Our new partners are everyone who shares his or her views of our organizations, products, and services with family and friends or across the world, via the Internet.

These conversations are continuously reshaping our reputations. They start and continue with or without our knowledge and permission.  The smartest organizations already listen in and participate in relevant ways.  I believe that engaging in these conversations can be a powerful business tool that can help build positive relationships – relationships that can be leveraged to achieve more quantitative outcome goals, such as growth in market share and profits.

I also believe that our core skills as professional communicators are needed by organizations today, more than ever.  The ability to track and understand the voice of the customer, and to strategically plan and execute communications programs that are proactive and responsive – through new and traditional communications channels – will always add value when our actions are aligned with overall business goals and strategies.

Our employees and our consumers are talking about us and our competition, and those conversations impact our organizations. I believe we need to go where they are, and listen and learn, and apply that learning to our work. To use a cliché, knowledge is power.

This blog offers my thoughts on communications-related topics. I hope you find it entertaining, useful, or thought-provoking, and I welcome your inputs and feedback.

[MarCommMusings’ author is Michele Collet Kriz, an accredited public relations professional with a master’s degree in mass communications, an MBA, and 25+ years experience as a collaborative teammate, leader, and coach. “I’ve worked in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, retail, PR consulting, education, and energy. I currently live in Tampa, Florida where I network, volunteer, and work as a contract consultant. I have never been happier from a professional perspective.”

“The opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not 
necessarily reflect the views of my employer. The posts on this 
blog are provided ‘as is’ with no warranties and confer no rights."

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