I’ve taken a big bite of the Apple – have you?

Little Android robot, forgive me. I’ve fallen prey to the forbidden fruit: the Apple iPhone.

I know Androids have the largest share of the smartphone market: Just ‘Google’ 2014 statistics on Android versus Apple. And truth be told, I loved the big, brilliant screen and fabulous camera on my Sony Xperia Z (possibly the best Android ever)! But here’s the problem. My Xperia didn’t fit in most of my purses and peeked out of the pocket of every pair of pants and jeans I own. Well, more accurately, often fell out of most of my pockets.

I did look at smaller Android phones, but none of them looked as cool as the iPhone 5s that caught my eye. Cool is compelling. Still, it was a hard decision. I still might go (back) for the new Xperia Z2, coming out later this year to a store near you, but the newest available Xperia is even longer than the one I owned. (A problem: See previous pocket issue.)

I have 30 days to decide if this i-flirtation will grow into an i-commitment, or send me back into the arms of a YouTube videos and photo-friendly (and pocket-phobic) Xperia. I know I’m a late comer to iPhone mania but hey, the early adopter doesn’t always benefit, assuming the standard learning curve.

Let’s not talk about the iPhone’s cost. Think of it as a really small laptop (or two). Truth be told, most smartphones today are more powerful than my first desktop computer. In fairness my first computer had a bigger screen and a real keyboard, though it didn’t fit in anyone’s pocket. And virtual keys are a bit tricky to navigate, yes? But I digress.

I’ve had a few previous bites of the Apple.  I use my husband’s iPad, I love my latest iPod, and I’ve never lacked admiration for all of the elegant i-products. Plus, going into the Apple Store is always fun. (A Genius Bar? I’ll take two.) Despite its issues, I also was happy with my latest, 5″ super-screen phone….  until T-Mobile made me an offer too good to resist. (Damn you JUMP program!) The 30 day regret period (well, they’ll charge me a restocking fee) was the kicker. In this case, contrary to Thomas Wolfe, you can go home again.

Wish me luck as I try to navigate iOS 7 and remember the passwords for my favorite Android apps that are available for the iPhone.

i, oops, I, will report back on this new romance.


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