Would you default on your obligations by choice?

It’s unanimous. The U.S. Treasury, The International Monetary Fund, and just about every economist and financial expert agree: Failure to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, to pay bills the U.S. Congress has already incurred, will be a costly disaster that would tank the U.S. economy for years to come. So why is any alternative being discussed?

Holding an increase in the debt ceiling ransom to gutting the Affordable Care Act – which incidentally, is garnering huge interest among Americans who are willing to take responsibility for their health, if they can get affordable insurance – makes NO sense.

It’s clear some people still haven’t gotten over the last Presidential election.

Polls show that even though many remain skeptical of the ACA, they support its specific provisions and benefits when those provisions are polled without the mention of “Obamacare.” For example, see,

We are required to have car insurance to protect others from financial harm. Those without health insurance drive up care costs for everyone, but often, their lack of health insurance isn’t a choice. The concept of requiring health insurance, making that insurance affordable with socialized subsidies, and precluding insurance denials for those with pre-existing conditions (does anyone not have a pre-existing condition?) speaks to the American values of personal and shared responsibilities. Is anyone really listening?

Come on, people. Republican, Democrat, Independent – It seems one thing we can and should agree on is that another recession would be a dumb choice. The U.S. Congress has approved past spending, the money has been spent, and America must be good for its debts. Pass a damn budget, pass an increase in the debt ceiling, and then work on reducing the cost of government, if that’s your goal.

I’m tired of this farce. Aren’t you?

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