What has happened to customer service?

I recognize my personal experiences are anecdotal, and can’t be used to make sweeping statements about the way things are for all. But darn it, to borrow a quote from one of my favorite movies, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

The reason? A recent series of poor, no, horrid, customer service experiences. Partial information provided as complete information. Promised callbacks that never come. Promised forms that never come. Rude, dismissive sales clerks. Sale clerks too busy with personal cell phone calls or conversations, to attend to customers.  Late deliveries or no deliveries with no explanation, let alone an apology. Poor service that when pointed out, yields no offer to redo.

I try to be an understanding customer. Everyone can make a mistake, or have a bad day, right? But as of today, my patience is worse than worn thin. It’s worn out. So here is what I’ve committed to do.

  • I will find the offending business’s Facebook page and/or website.
  • I will publicly post an abbreviated message about their poor product or service.
  • I will no longer spend my time or money at that business.

I am tired of making excuses for people who don’t live up to the promises their companies make their consumers, on glossy webpages and in slick advertisements.

Aren’t you?

Postscript: A new study by AchieveGlobal shows I’m not alone. As its introduction notes,

It doesn’t take many bad experiences to lose a customer. In (our) customer experience study, 93% said they would refuse to do business with a company again after three or fewer bad experiences.

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