In appreciation of the kindness of strangers

Our little lab, Millie, hates the sound of a vacuum (among other noises) so last week, I leashed her on the porch with her bed, toys, and water bowl while I cleaned. I’d done it before but this time, I wasn’t as lucky. Millie slipped out of her leashed collar and ran away, presumably after another dog or cat. I found her leash and collar on the porch, but no Millie. It’s been three long days of looking and we haven’t found her yet, although we’ve followed the professionals’ advice (registering her as lost online, on the animal services’ website and Facebook page, and Craigslist; putting up posters; and driving around showing her photo and leaving our phone number).

(Yes, Millie has a microchip and our registration info is current, but that will only help if the stars are aligned, and she’s taken in by an honest person who cares enough to take her in to get scanned, or to animal control.)

I am so appreciative of the kindness we’ve been shown since Millie made her escape, not only by friends and neighbors, but by perfect strangers. People I’ve met as we’ve expanded our searches have helped look for Millie, and with flyer distribution. They’ve also offered us prayers and positive comments about lost pets they’ve found.

We all lead busy lives, but most people have a soft spot for their pets, and the support of strangers continues to be uplifting. Whatever happens, I’m thankful for the kind words, the help, and the prayers. If they help bring Millie home, so much the better.

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