The Mom Tweet heard ’round the world

Whatever their political viewpoint every mom in America had to laugh at Hilary Rosen’s comment that Ann Romney, “never worked a day in her life.” Taking care of five children has to be A LOT of work, even if you can afford help in your home.

It’s been reported that Hilary Rosen was referring to Ann Romney’s not having had to work outside the home, while her kids were growing up, to help ensure her family’s bills got paid, or her family had health insurance, in a job where she was vulnerable to being fired or displaced. (Your kids at least theoretically, can’t do the latter.) But even if that was the case, her Tweet overlooks the fact that serving as Massachusetts’ First Lady was an outside job, even if Ann Romney wasn’t paid for it.

The reality is that all responsible moms have at least one full-time job, and those who work outside the home often have two FT jobs… and on the mom job, your shift never ends… at least until the kids are out of school and move out (assuming they can afford to).

So: Poor choice of words, Hilary. Your Tweet is yet another object lesson on the importance of choosing one’s words carefully… especially when you only have 140 characters.

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One Response to The Mom Tweet heard ’round the world

  1. Off Duty Mom says:

    I agree. I tend to be, well…very Liberal. But, the comment had less to do with politics, for me, and more to do with the way women often gang up on each other, never getting away from the middle-school-mean-girl mentality. We have enough crap to take from men, thank you, without dishing out judgmental b.s. to one another.

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