Is customer service an oxymoron?

I don’t believe consumers expect perfection from every company, every good, and every service (though that would be nice). What we do expect is prompt and courteous resolution of problems that arise. Here are a few kudos where due in that regard, based on my  personal experience. Feel free to add your own examples, recognizing businesses that care about keeping your business!

  • HTC: I have an Amaze model cell phone purchased in February 2012. The screen is beautiful but the phone occasionally turns itself off. The call center support team at HTC has been helpful and courteous. It now has been determined the problem may be resolved through a pending software update. My fingers are crossed.
  • T-Mobile also has been helpful with this problem. They offered to switch my HTC phone out if I want to do that. (I don’t right now, but I have 10 more months to make that choice.) Plus, when there was a mix-up regarding my phone’s rebate eligibility, the problem (which stemmed from a T-Mobile store’s error) was quickly resolved in my favor by the store manager, with just one call.
  • Convenient Cleaners: I complained about an undisclosed account set-up fee I was surprised to find on my first invoice. It took escalating my complaint but I’ve received an off-setting credit and the promise they’ll add a mention of this fee on their website (exactly what I wanted).
  • Publix, which always treats its customers as if it really wants to earn and keep my business.

No kudos to an unnamed specialty shop in south Tampa (jewelry, art, cards, etc.) that clearly hopes to go out of business. The store has not been open during its posted business hours the last three times I’ve been there. If you post your hours, be there those hours or at least list a phone number where you can be reached.

Do you have any businesses that deserve public kudos?

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