My dad’s Easter corsages

A lot of things have changed since I was young but some things will always be the same. The latter include my memories of being a grade school student at St. Francis de Sales Parish School in Detroit, Michigan. We’d go to mass most weekday mornings before classes began and of course every Sunday. It was a beautiful church that’s since been closed, the church I see when I think of what churches should look like, all stained glass and oak pews with kneelers and a wrought iron railing where I took my First Communion.

Today is Easter. Back then my mom, my sister and I would have new hats and dresses and corsages. A few Easters we wore coats if it was still snowing. My dad and my brothers would be in jackets with ties. At mass later today I will see lots of jeans and few ties, I won’t have a corsage, and I am across the country from my mom, sister, and brothers, and my dad is gone, but I will have my family now with me, and celebrate Christ’s Resurrection in much the same way we did back then – minus most of the Latin and the big family ham, and serial meals with each set of grandparents.

I believe that some of the things that don’t change are worth holding onto.

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