Tired of political partisanship? Supercommittee not so super, after all

I don’t know about you, but I welcome the mandatory discretionary budget cuts that will kick in in 2013, barring some miracle. It’s not that I agree with these cuts: I just think that we and Congress should reap what the Supercommittee has sown, through its members’ inability to set aside politics to tackle federal spending and tax issues.

I was hopeful committee members would ‘man up’ to deliver a plan to start driving down our national debt – a plan that would spread the burden equitably across America.  Hope springs eternal, as someone once said. Guess it was too much to expect as we enter another election season: Can’t afford a deal that might make the other guy look good, I guess, whatever the cost.

At least it will keep the Sunday pundits and apologists busy for weeks.

Here’s what I’d like to see now: A Congress that takes credit for the consequences of its members’ latest inaction, instead of trying to duck them. If you really supported our military, you would have worked harder – and together.

And no, I don’t blame the President. The supercommittee was created by Congress, a body that claims an important role in policy-making and execution. With great power goes great responsibility – responsibility you cannot avoid or talk your way out of on network news shows.

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