Breaking up is hard to do

Is it just me? Lately I’ve been having a hard time concurrently living my real and virtual lives. I don’t have that many online personas, but keeping all those identities in play is sometimes overwhelming.

Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other sites where I post or simply lurk, and my real-time interests and responsibilities – family, paid work, volunteering, house, yard, essential shopping, and all the rest of the things we wedge into daily living, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. I’m looking at what corners can be cut and clearly, this blog is on the chopping block.

And yet… Having a blog is fun. Maybe a bit self indulgent as well. It lets me explore what I am thinking and sometimes organize those thoughts. And it provides a safe place to occasionally rant.

As a blogger I also may be securing some potential immortality. That is, this blog may outlive me, given the Internet’s Möbius like (endless) persona. I surfed the net myself on this topic and found this idea – like just about every idea – is not an original thought. See Joanna Goodman’s post on this topic, or Robert Lamb’s thoughts on what he wittily terms ‘cyber-immortality.’

Truth be told, I am not ready to delete this little porthole into what’s on my mind. But I have decided I won’t feel guilty if I slow the pace of my posts… Well, maybe a little! But for now it can’t be helped.

Real life calls and today, it’s a lot more compelling.

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