IMHO, the DC kids are not playing nice (again)

Whatever your political leaning or view on the national debt, the gridlock in the U.S. Congress is frustrating, tiresome, even juvenile. While it looks like liberal politicians have given up trying for a balance of program cuts and tax reform, “my way or the highway” seems to be the motto of the über conservatives. Perhaps they don’t care about the possibility we may lose this game of chicken in the global-financial marketplace, resulting in rising interest rates that many economists believe will prompt another dip in our economy.

When did collaboration become a dirty word? Isn’t that the way adults seek to accommodate diverse views? Must disagreement equate to disrespect? Tonight’s news discussed a new report about the increasing gap between rich and poor while in DC, some continue to fight to preserve tax breaks that serve the rich, while recommending more cuts to Medicaid. What is wrong with this picture? In his remarks last night the Speaker compared our federal government to a small business and opined we cannot spend more than we take in, conveniently overlooking the special tax breaks that have reduced the government’s “income.” As for government programs, one man’s waste is often another’s necessity or lifeline. Do “we” only need what “I” value?

Bottom line, comparing the government to a private business that likely benefits and can profit, thanks in part to the government’s support of services, infrastructure, education, etc., doesn’t make much sense.

Requiring a balanced budget in a recession seems even dumber.

IMHO, Congress needs to get with the program and the Speaker needs to show some real leadership, instead of playing this dangerous game of brinkmanship.

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