Are you a Gleek?

Now that the season’s over I must confess to my addiction. I’m a Gleek – a diehard fan of the High School Musical-inspired “Glee.” This Fox TV show speaks to my love of show tunes and synchronized dance.

I am not sure why Glee strikes such a positive chord for me. Maybe it was my musical childhood. No, I didn’t sing or play an instrument but as a pre teen my parents’ love of 1940s musicals led me to believe that when I fell in love, my beloved and I would suddenly turn into Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers… expressing our undying devotion through an impromptu waltz as the orchestra played. (Alas, my love cannot dance but the dream lives on.)

The Glee show choir provides a happy and upbeat interlude I look forward to on Tuesdays, and yes, I probably will watch the summer reruns. I also download my favorite numbers for speedwalks and sometimes bop myself to sleep.   I don’t think my high school had a show choir but in retrospect, it might have been fun. Slurpies had not yet been invented, I wasn’t a popular Cheerio, and if I had any gay classmates, I never knew it – and wouldn’t have cared.

The members of Glee’s New Directions live a lucky pretend life, in their pretend high school, despite their teenage trials. None of their classmates has to worry about being drafted and sent to Southeast Asia. On the other hand, real high school students have worries that didn’t exist when I was a teen, and the Internet and new media that we love also make life more complex, and privacy a fading concept. (I don’t care if Arnold strayed, he’s not my husband, but I know I will go into withdrawal when my new college grad moves out with his iPad and my free downloaded Angry Birds.)

No, I haven’t “liked” Glee on  Facebook, I don’t belong to a fan club, and I don’t own a Gleek t-shirt. (Confession: I did buy a David Cook, Is it me you’re looking for? t-shirt after the one fabulous season I watched “American Idol.”) But I am a fan, even if it isn’t the coolest addition for a sophisticated professional such as myself.

If you’re reading this, you probably found it through a Google search for “Glee.” So – go ahead and admit it,  You Want to Be (You Want to Be!) a Loser Like Me!

Glee, it’s true, My Life (My Life!) Would Suck (Would Suck!) Without You!

Well maybe not suck, but it sure wouldn’t be as fun.

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