Are your circuits overloaded?

Sorry: I cannot “like” you, follow your blog or Twitter posts, or subscribe to your RSS feed. I carve an hour or more out of each day for reading but I most likely won’t get to that great article you’ve shared, even if it’s exactly what I need. I love your brand, use your products and value your opinion, and in truth could use your offered coupon/recipe/advice… if I had the inclination to register on your website. It’s a matter of time or rather, a lack thereof.  Don’t take it personally.

As information sources proliferate and just about everything is instantly accessible, the days have not cooperatively lengthened. There are thousands and thousands of WordPress blogs, and perhaps hundreds that could interest you – some even more than this one – that you will never see. That doesn’t make them less valuable and hopefully their authors don’t look at their stats as a measure of the quality of their efforts.

Our circuits are overloaded. Walking down the street, eating dinner with friends, getting dressed, we are concurrently and incessantly checking our emails, but our in boxes are always newly full of offers and opportunities.  You want to reach out to us for our mutual benefit, but there is no realistic way to connect to me. I’m already overwhelmed by competing requests for my attention. You may be search engine-optimized but I am increasingly, access-resistant.

To use one of my grandmother’s favorite expressions, I’m crying uncle. What about you?

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