We lust for the latest and greatest

New technologies: They’re attractive, compelling, desirable. The 21st century’s Siren Song. (The danger here is primarily to your budget.) From the newest i-products and across the spectrum, it’s hard to resist the urge to splurge, to be in with the high-tech in crowd.

On occasion, you can jump on the bandwagon at a less-than-budget-breaking cost. Example: Getting your own Quick Response Code (QRC). A QRC can be created by anyone with a website (or blog, or LinkedIn or Facebook profile) who wants to share their link in a fun-to-use format. (Caveat: It takes a smart phone to use a QRC.) A QRC can be printed on marketing materials, business cards, even your next holiday card.  (The QRC, left, will take you to this blog.)

A QRC embeds a web link in a two-dimensional ‘picture’ that looks a bit like a Piet Mondriaan design. Using a smart phone with a free code ap (available for Apple or Droid phones) you take a picture of the QRC, and it takes your smartphone’s web browser directly to the embedded web site. (Here’s a better explanation of the what and how from David Pogue, the New York Times’ tech columnist.)

Maybe since it’s free, it’s not as cool as say, the next generation iPad. But a free QRC is still new enough to be cool, so enjoy it while the cachet lasts.

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