Who is your favorite communications expert?

There are many recognized thought-leaders in the field of public relations. I just sent a friend whose small company may be facing a crisis issue – I define that as a situation that has the potential to bring unexpected, unwanted, and potentially negative attention to his company – to one of my favorite PR gurus, James Lukaszewski. Well, more specifically and more suited to my friend’s non-existent budget, to Lukaszewski’s website, <http://www.e911.com/>.

If you’re a professional communicator and this isn’t a bookmarked address in your browser, IMHO, it should be.

Lukaszewski’s website posts a host of readable, practical articles and speeches on public relations, management communications, and leadership.  He doesn’t allow excerpts or repostings but you can print his materials for personal reading and reference; his articles on crisis response and communication are some of my favorites.

When it comes to a crisis, the goal is to ensure that your corporate reputation survives intact – or possibly benefits.  While you need to keep the media updated on the facts of what you are doing to mitigate and resolve a crisis, Lukaszewski says your first priority should be to take care of the immediate needs of the people who’ve been negatively impacted by your actions (or lack thereof).

I am curious as to what websites other communications professionals bookmark. If you’re willing to share, what are your favorites and why?

PS: Contrary to popular belief (and dozens of web posts), the Chinese character for ‘crisis’ does not combine or otherwise reflect the elements of  ‘danger’ +  ‘opportunity’ – see <http://pinyin.info/chinese/crisis.html>.

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