How easy is it to be your customer?

Every business has customers  Marketing and public relations programs are designed to help you win friends and influence people, ideally leading to sales of your products or services or ideas.  If you make it hard to be your customer, you may not have that problem – or that customer – for very long.

The link below goes to a recent Harvard Business Review blog post by Adam Richardson. It includes a great graphic on how one business mapped its “customer journey” – clearly showing where the sales process can skid off the road.  Richardson describes the map as a framework that,

“… should give you a good head-start at better understanding the journey that your customers travel through as they engage with your company, brand, products, partners, and people.”

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One Response to How easy is it to be your customer?

  1. Mahout says:

    Very insightful graphic. Mapping out the customer journey (or buying cycle) gives you a better idea of a customer’s needs, which may illuminate opportunities for a business to better serve a customer.

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