Thank you AMA

Why do you belong to a professional association?

For me it’s all about the ROI. I join for access to professional development opportunities on timely topics. I want networking opportunities. I join organizations that reflect well on me as a professional, and offer me mentoring opportunities. 

Today the American Marketing Association gets kudos from me for its free continuing education programs. Yesterday’s virtual event, “Cracking the Code: Advanced Social Media Strategies,” is a great example of the AMA’s commitment to delivering high value PD products. The day-long series of one hour webinars featured expert presenters and offered some great ideas for engaging in social media.  (If you’re interested, the presentations are available online, on demand; register for access at,

I’m also a member of the Public Relations Society of America. It also delivers outstanding PD programs, but fewer free opportunities to grow my skills and capabilities. Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Other times you want to go where you’d like to be better known. Either way it’s great to find a place where you belong.

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One Response to Thank you AMA

  1. Mahout says:

    That was a great event with very valuable info. Glad you got a lot out of it. I can’t wait until AMA does another virtual event.

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