Being “likable” online

I participated in a webinar today. The presenter was Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable, a social media and word of mouth marketing firm. The American Marketing Association, which sponsored the webinar, identifies Kerpen as “one of the leading experts on social media and Facebook marketing.” He’s a high energy guy and what he had to say was pretty fascinating stuff.  Here are just a few points he shared.

  • If people ‘like’ or comment on your posts, you will come up more often and more prominently in their news feeds. Without likes or comments, your posts will drop lower and lower in your friends’ news feeds until you’re essentially talking in an empty room. Being heard is all about engaging others in a dialogue that in turn, builds and grows your exposure.
  • Fan pages are much more functional than group pages and can be viewed by anyone online who has the address; FB membership isn’t required.  Fan page profiles can include links to your website and gain power when you feature your consumers (e.g., a selected fan pic of the week) or polls, or ask questions, since engagement is about making your page all about your consumers and their needs – not your business. Feature their stories, answer their questions, encourage their inputs.
  • With new functionalities that allow companies to sell products through FB, Kerpen believes many companies eventually will drop their websites and move their online presence to FB fan pages.
  • Is FB for B2B marketing? Kerpen points out that all marketing is B2C, since businesses do not buy a product, service, or concept – it’s people who do, whether their choices are for themselves or their business.
  • Make sure your fan page is “technically likable”. That is, make it easy for your fans to share it, like it, Tweet it, save it, with a single click.

Clearly there is more to FB strategy than most users realize. For more insights on FB as a customer engagement and marketing tool, check out Kerpen’s website at

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2 Responses to Being “likable” online

  1. Mahout says:

    Sounds like some great tips on making Facebook work for marketing purposes. I’ve always been rather stumped about using it for B2B marketing, but I like the idea of taking a B2C mindset in terms of potential customers.

  2. Dave Kerpen says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and kind words, Michelle.
    Much appreciated (and very likeable!)
    Best, Dave

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