Days of Desperation?

A friend has started a new blog about her to-date fruitless efforts (two years and counting) to secure a new fulltime job with benefits. As a current job seeker I feel her pain, financial and otherwise.

Nearly 10% of Americans currently seeking work are unemployed. For us the job hunt is sort of like playing pinball: You launch yourself into the search and bounce around, willing yourself into a position where you’ll make the big score – a job you’ll love where you add value in return for a competitive salary and benefits.

I voluntarily left a good job in January 2010  to complete my MBA and seek a new challenge. I (and my friend) also are more fortunate than many other unemployed people – we can (and do) get freelance work as writers, marketers, and publicists. Still, some of us  are more inclined to prosper as seeds instead of rolling stones.  We are long term investors, versus short-selling profit seekers.  So we persevere. We research companies, markets, and job openings, craft articulate cover letters, complete online applications, and think positive thoughts. We know that finding the right next job will take more than meeting posted requirements. It takes confidence, resilience, tenacity, and some luck – not necessarily in that order.

If you’re recruiting now (that’s luck) here’s my creative brief: I am an accredited public relations professional with a master’s degree in my field, an MBA, an excellent work history and references, strong research and analytical skills, and a collaborative interpersonal style, a strategic thinker and a strong and versatile writer. I follow an outcome driven approach to developing and implementing communications programs as value-added business tools.  I believe listening is the most valuable communications skill. I currently live in Tampa and am open to relocation.

If you are with a values/customer focused organization in an urban market, seeking a communications/PR leader, coach and teammate to support your strategic business goals, I would love the opportunity to discuss your needs and my capabilities. If you’re not, prayers for a successful job search – or at least new freelance assignments – are welcome.

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One Response to Days of Desperation?

  1. Mahout says:

    Thanks for the plug for my blog.

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